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Lauren Edelstein, Style Director, @sequinspandex

Jenna Gottlieb, Editorial Director, @jennagott


As Style Director and Editorial Director at Shopbop, Lauren Edelstein and Jenna Gottlieb know a thing or two about the art of dressing for the office. We caught up the dynamic duo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to chat about work, wardrobes and after-work hangouts.


What do you do?

LE: “I’m Shopbop’s Style Director. I oversee all styling for editorial photoshoots.”

JG: “I’m Shopbop’s Editorial Director. I oversee the editorial copy and social content teams.”


Best thing about working with your BFF?

LE: “It’s so fun! We have different skill sets but often collaborate. And we take lots of pictures. I have a genius idea to start an account called @sequinsandsuits (a reference to our very different aesthetics). The handle’s taken but we’re working on it.”


JG: “The best! We went to college together and have now worked at two companies together back to back, side by side. We can’t seem to separate. It’s maybe embarrassing?”


Location: Cafe Colette


Favorite spot for a mid-day break?

JG: “Sixteen Handles, though Lauren makes really gross toppings combinations, like wet walnuts, kiwi and gummy bears.”

LE: “I really do love the wet walnuts.”

JG: “See?”


Favorite spot for an after-work drink?

LE: “We do dinner a lot with friends after work. Greenpoint, which is nearby, has some cute new-ish spots, like Di An Di and Oxomoco.”

JG:  “The Hoxton Hotel is also a fun scene and close to our Williamsburg office. It’s great for a drink and after-work snacks.”



What are your go-to wear-to-work outfits?

JG: “When it’s cold out, like it is now, I’m big on layering anything and everything over a turtleneck—sweaters, dresses, blazers, jumpsuits.”


LE: “I’m on set for photoshoots a lot, so I like to keep it pretty casual. I do a lot of denim, and will add personality with a big slouchy, cropped sweater or an embroidered leather jacket. And when I’m really feeling adventurous… SEQUINS.” 


How do you style a tailored blazer?

JG: “I usually mix them with other crisp pieces, like a big, cotton oxford and loafers with socks. I also really love a suit look.”

LE: “I love a suit too. If I’m doing a blazer, I like it extra oversized and paired with vintage-y denim.”


Location: Cafe Colette



Tailored clothing makes me feel…

JG: “The most like myself… and like I stepped off the set of School Ties or Dead Poets Society.”

LE: “Like Sue Ellen Crandell in that amazing Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead montage. I’m right on top of that, Rose!”


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