Thinking Spring: Suarez Sisters

Dylana Lim Suarez - fashion blogger, writer and photographer. 

Natalie Lim Suarez - model, singer and editor of


What are you most looking forward to doing once we can enjoy the outdoors?

DS: "I am looking forward to getting back into my routine of taking runs from my neighborhood to Brooklyn Heights. Once we are in the swing of spring, it’s going to be hard to not just go to the park and hang out on the grass to people-watch for a while. That’s something I’ll be looking forward to getting back to. And I’m going to look forward to getting back into Manhattan and exploring all my favorite places aimlessly on the weekends. Book shopping, vintage shopping, the museum, brunch at new places. I’m making the most of all my time indoors being creative and productive and very wellness-focused, but once we are out of this, I’m excited for us all to get back on track again."

NS: "I am so, so excited to travel again. I love that rush of discovering a new place and learning something new through culture, food, and architecture. It makes me feel even more inspired to be behind the camera and write on the blog. I'm also really excited to just hop on my bike and soak in the views here in my home of Dumbo, Brooklyn."


What’s your favorite way to style a suit? What top and accessories are you wearing?

DS: "My favorite way to style a suit is to go fully monochromatic with a simple bralette underneath; a cool pair of chunky sneakers, a tall boot, or a sleek, colorful sandal; and a pair of oversized earrings. I think this is such a cool look and so easy. If I’m wearing a suit jacket and skirt look, I love to mix and match textures —like a plaid skirt and a tweed blazer. It’s very vintage Chanel feeling, which is so timeless, and I can accessorize with heavy gold chain jewelry or a playful pair of colored tights."

NS: I love to style a suit with a great pair of earrings. A suit makes me feel super confident and strong, while an earring is that perfect final touch that makes a suit feel soft and feminine. I like wearing a triangle bra under a buttoned blazer on top. On the bottom, I love either the pant tucked into a chunky statement midi boot, or just with a strappy sandal heel. I think less is more when it comes to a really amazing suit."

Where do you pull styling inspiration from?

DS: "I pull inspiration from so many places —it can be hard to keep track of it all. I find a lot of editorial inspiration on Instagram from my favorite photography and fashion accounts, which I save into a folder so I can always reference. I do the same on Pinterest. I love to create mood boards for projects to guide my direction. But one of the other main sources of inspiration for me is films. Old and even modern-day cinema storytelling and visuals have been blowing me away, and I always find something in the colors, the composition, the mood, the character build that inspires me to take a little bit into my own wardrobe. To me, film is such a unique form to take personal style inspiration from."

NS: "I find inspiration in so many things. I find a ton of inspiration from living and workspaces. The way I'm dressed is normally inspired by the environment that I am in. It could be overseas traveling for work and staying at a really elegant hotel where I'm a bit more dressed up everywhere, or it could be at home in NYC where my style feels more relaxed yet refined. I like to think of my way of dressing as a lifestyle, depending on what I'm doing and where I am. At its core, there's always tailoring involved in just about every one of my looks."

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What’s your go-to outfit when you need to feel confident for a meeting?

DS: "My go-to confidence building outfit is definitely a matching suit, but the blazer has to have really strong, oversized shoulders. I love to wear vintage menswear blazers a size or two too big and pair them with a slim fitting pair of trousers and cool boots. I always feel like myself in this outfit, and when I feel like myself, I am fully confident in my skin."

NS: "I'm really into tweeds at the moment. It's classic and chic, yet has that quirky, fun play of texture. I'll go with an oversized tweed blazer and matching midi skirt along with a cool knee-high boot. It's classy, yet still youthful and fun."


Favorite location to take a coffee or lunch meeting…

DS: "Usagi, a Japanese coffee shop in Dumbo for the interesting art books and cool Japanese and Scandinavian decor. Butler Bakeshop in Dumbo for their yummy baked goods and chill atmosphere. Banter, an Australian cafe in the West Village that has delicious and healthy food!"

NS: "I adore the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. It's in my neighborhood of Dumbo, and borders Brooklyn Heights. It's everything I love in decor from the concrete accents, wood, and lots of green lush. It's relaxing. I always like to be anywhere near the water."


What’s your definition of being a successful woman?

DS: "My definition of a successful woman is one who has a strong ability to listen to her own instinct and not stray from her path due to roadblocks or letdowns. A successful woman knows that the key is learning from failures and coming up with creative ideas to try again and again and again. A successful woman is confident in her own skin and her beliefs and is a team player. She also has the ability to put herself in other’s shoes and gain new perspective every day, because that keeps her constantly open-minded and able to connect and build her community even more."

NS: "A successful woman is intuitive and always believes in herself. She makes bold decisions. She keeps her chin up no matter what and sees the good in every situation. She also likes to take on challenges, all of which create growth in all aspects of her life. Success is certainly a mindset. It's about feeling comfortable, happy, and proud of who you are in any given moment of time."


What powerful woman inspires you?

DS: "This is a hard one, because there are so, so many women I am inspired by! But I am very inspired by Tarana Burke’s work as a civil rights activist, and all that she has started to help so many women have a voice for their rights to their bodies and their truths. She has given and continues to give hope to so many women who have been subject to a type of abuse that has been hidden in the shadows for so long."

NS: "I'd have to say my mother. She's always wanted me to be outspoken and speak up for myself and others, and do what's right in any situation. She's a fighter and has more energy than anyone I know!"


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