The Tailored Perspective: Rachel Schwartzmann

Rachel Schwartzmann at her home office


Rachel Schwartzmann, Founder & CEO, The Style Line


Tell us about your work. 

The Style Line is a boutique content company based in NYC. Over time we've fully evolved the business into a marketing company which includes The Style Line's namesake storytelling platform (which I started as a senior in high school on Tumblr!) along with our slow content agency CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL, and subsequently its podcast Slow Stories, which deep dives into the slow content movement. Through every aspect of the company, we want to create content and tell stories with longevity (and style).”


What inspires you?

“A good book, travel and design. But most importantly, the people in my life who are working so hard to utilize their talents and passions to affect positive change in their industries and communities.” 


How does what you’re wearing affect your workday?

“As someone who is naturally soft-spoken, my outfit is an outward reflection of who I am and often acts as an icebreaker in meetings. It also adds an extra dose of creativity and inspiration to get me through the long days.”



Describe your ideal working environment. 

“From photoshoot locations to offsite meetings to working out of The Wing, my working environment is continually evolving, which keeps things interesting. But when I need to focus and power through, I find the most refuge in working from the comforts of my home office in Brooklyn. It's filled with light, visually inspiring and quiet —it also helps to look up from my computer every so often to see what my bunny Pepper is up to.”


Describe your ideal wear-to-work outfit.

“It often depends on the needs of the day and the weather. In the colder months, I embrace a darker palette with simpler silhouettes and lots of layering of fun textures. During Spring, my playful side comes to life through my sartorial choices which include a rotation of chic, printed dresses — mostly from Rebecca Taylor! And on that note, I'm very excited to wear this Tailored Rebecca Taylor suit all year round.” 



Rachel Schwartzmann at her home office


What makes you feel empowered?

“Running a small business in this day and age makes me feel empowered and humbled. It is a great privilege and keeps me motivated to work hard and see it through to its fullest potential.” 


What is your approach to dressing for work?

“My approach has become much more refined as I've gotten older, and I often consider sustainability in my purchasing decisions. I now opt to support the brands we've worked with, as well as from brands that I know are creating quality-made pieces. I also love to shop vintage and second-hand and breathe new life into pieces that have a unique story. Less is more, and I've found that owning less inspires more sartorial creativity.”


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