The Tailored Perspective: Melanie Whelan

Melanie Whelan at her home


Melanie Whelan, CEO of SoulCycle


Tell us about your work.

“As the CEO of SoulCycle, I’m responsible for driving the big picture vision of the brand and ensuring we have all the people, plans and resources in place to achieve it. My team and I are incredibly focused on growing and operating the company in the healthiest way possible so we can bring the magic and the power of Soul to more people across the world.”


What inspires you?

“People. I’m lucky to be part of an amazing community at SoulCycle. All of us - my colleagues at HQ, our incredibly talented instructors, the rock stars who run the show in our studios – we’re all working hard at creating our unique experience and sense of belonging to our riders. When I go into a studio, take a class, and I can witness that shared sense of purpose and dedication across our entire team, it truly never fails to light a fire in me.”


How does what you’re wearing affect your work day?

“For me, it’s about the ease of transition and knowing that what I’m wearing can take me through everything I need to get done in a day – whether that’s taking a class, having meetings in my office, a lunch meeting with a candidate or partner or a dinner out or spending time with my kids, I just want to feel good.”


Describe your ideal working environment.

“At SoulCycle we’re focused on creating an open, positive workplace that mirrors the environment we create in our studios. I love a place where you can come into the office, work hard, be creative, be yourself, and speak your mind all while working towards the same goals.”


Describe your ideal wear-to-work outfit.

“My ideal wear-to-work outfit is multipurpose. It needs to take me from business meetings to post-work events and, often, to the studio. I’m a big believer in layers. I’m currently loving Rebecca Taylor’s jumpsuit pieces.”


Melanie Whelan at her home


What makes you feel empowered?

“Taking a SoulCycle class, of course! It’s obviously an incredible workout, which makes you feel strong and good about yourself, but the power of our classes extends far beyond that. It’s about building a connection with your fellow riders, strengthening your connection to yourself, and rediscovering a sense of purpose.”


What is your approach to dressing for work?

“It’s only fitting that we’re an athleisure-friendly office, so I get to have a lot of fun with my work clothes! We actually launched SOUL by SoulCycle, our first proprietary retail line, this year, which was a ton of fun so you can usually find me in that. For business meetings, I keep it simple with a jumpsuit or jeans with a blazer. Rebecca Taylor’s leather jackets are my secret weapon – they’re lined with this amazing jersey fabric which feels like a sweatshirt while covered in chic leather which layers perfectly for a more formal meeting.”


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