The Tailored Perspective: Jordana Kier


Jordana Kier, Co-Founder of LOLA


Tell us about your work.

I am the co-founder of LOLA, the first lifelong brand for her body. My partner, Alex, and I founded the company with a simple and seemingly obvious idea: women shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to their reproductive health. We launched LOLA with a commitment to product transparency and a community built on candid dialogue. Our mission is to proactively address what women need, both mentally and physically, at each life stage.


What inspires you?

Our customers! Hearing from them that we’re making a difference in their lives. (One in four customers reach out to us!) I love it when people write to our customer team or comment on our social media that they’d never thought about what was in their products and made a switch after hearing about LOLA. We’re committed to ensuring our customers can make more informed choices about their reproductive health, and it’s inspiring to receive feedback that shows you’re making an impact.


Describe your ideal working environment. 

Working with amazing people, and specifically Alex. We work side-by-side everyday, and we each bring individual strengths to the table, and are constantly learning from and mentoring each other in so many ways. Since we've gone through so much together as co-founders, and now as moms as well, we trust one another to provide constant and clear feedback on how to be the best versions of ourselves.



How does what you’re wearing affect your work day?

If I’m uncomfortable, I’m distracted. My goal when I set about getting dressed for the day is to forget about what I’m wearing so I can focus on the tasks at hand.


Describe your ideal wear-to-work outfit.

Comfortable! A fitted pair of pants, a blouse and flats. I’m not a heels person unless I’m going to a wedding.


What is your approach to dressing for work?

Consistency and simplicity. I try not to spend more than 15 minutes thinking about what I’m wearing for the day, so I’ll check the calendar to see if I have any external meetings. If I do, I’ll wear flats. If not, sneakers.


What makes you feel empowered? 

Feeling focused.


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