The Tailored Perspective: Amanda Chase

Amanda Chase at her home office


Amanda Chase, founder and Creative Director of ōSHen Creative


Tell us about your work.

I am the Founder and Creative Director of ōSHen Creative, a creative agency focused on integrity. We are a traditional creative agency providing authentic and unconventional creative solutions to holistic wellness brands. We are honest, transparent, and real. We help our clients find their brand’s integrity and put that into the world.

For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I love my job so much so that it doesn’t even feel like work at the end of the day. And if anything, I am honored to be in a position that allows me to creatively support such inspirational people and brands.


What inspires you?

 ōSHen is the pronunciation of ocean spelled phonetically.Some of my most treasured moments are those when I am by the sea, surrounded by something that is so much greater than myself. With the vastness of the ocean and the life that surrounds it, I am able to go to a new world - one that is outside of myself to take in all the beauty and experience life to its fullest capacity.

Describe your ideal working environment.

My ideal working environment is one that allows me to be free to create. I have a variety of media (magazines, books, typewriters, camera, pictures) to pull from for visual and tactical inspiration. I like bright, light, airy spaces with windows and outdoor areas to bring in the essence of life. I like the environment to be tidy and organized. And, I need it to be a reflection of me.


How does what you’re wearing affect your work day?

Before I worked with holistic wellness brands, I worked in fashion. I am so drawn to how clothing on the outside is a representation of you on the inside. It affects me drastically. I like to feel comfortable, stylish, minimal and still professional.


Amanda Chase at her home office


Describe your ideal wear-to-work outfit.

My ideal wear-to-work outfit is one that I can throw on without thinking about it too much, such as a one-piece jumpsuit. They are easy to put together with accessories and always make a statement.


What is your approach to dressing for work?

When it comes to dressing for work, I’m luckily at this point in my life where I can’t tell the difference between workwear and my everyday look. My one rule: it needs to inspire me that day. That’s always changing, so one day might be vintage 501s and a t-shirt while another day may be a denim jumpsuit with a red lip. Either way, it needs to feel natural and real for however I am feeling that day.


What makes you feel empowered?

I feel empowered when I am taking good care of myself, my puppy, my business and my relationships with the people that I care about the most.


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