The Tailored Perspective: Alli Webb


Alli Webb, founder of Drybar and Squeeze.


Tell us about your work.

I love that I get to work on so many different projects between Drybar and Squeeze as well as a few personal projects, like my podcast, Raising The Bar. I feel so lucky and blessed.


What inspires you?

Everything. Truly, inspiration is all around us.  I love seeing what my boys and their creative minds come up with daily! I also love seeing other women’s personal style. I’m constantly inspired by what my friends wear.


Describe your ideal working environment.

Surrounded by good people who are excited and super passionate about what we are working on. I’m really sensitive to energy - you can’t fake that!

How does what you’re wearing affect your work day?

Oh, if I don’t love what I’m wearing or how my hair looks, it really affects my mood and confidence. I use the same guide for shopping... I only buy things I absolutely love and can’t wait to wear! 


Describe your ideal wear-to-work outfit.

I’m a jeans and tee girl with a great pair of boots and jacket or blazer. I love layering, no matter what the weather is!


What is your approach to dressing for work

Dress in what makes YOU feel great, not for others.  


What makes you feel empowered?

Great hair!


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