The Summer Getaway: Athena Calderone

Athena Calderone, Interior Designer, Visual and Culinary Storyteller.


What is your go-to summer look?

At night, usually a long flowy dress, often white, striped, or floral.  Daytime is reserved for a swimsuit, a wetsuit, or cut-off jean shorts.


How do you dress for easy packing and travel?

I am admittedly an over-packer but I try to learn from my mistakes each time - ha!  Lightweight cottons, patterns, and tiered dresses tend to be more forgiving — I am not an ironer so I find I need to choose dresses or jumpsuits that mask the wrinkles. I only wear flats when I travel.  Maybe one pair of wedges but they rarely get worn.


What are your getaway essentials?

Red lipstick, a pink cream blush, SPF 50 sunscreen, sunglasses, a wide brim hat, a head scarf for a top knot look, 2 easy day dresses or jumpers, 3-4 evening looks (including one that’s sexier), 1 pair of jeans and jean shorts, and, finally, a simple white button down.



What is your favorite getaway spot?

It will always be the Aeolian Islands in Italy, a series of volcanic islands off the coast of Sicily.


What’s the best way to spend a vacation?

With family, experiencing a little culture, a bit of adventure, and a lotta sea.


What is your go-to spot in The Hamptons? 

My backyard — hehe. Crow’s Nest at sundown always makes me swoon.  I’m also newly obsessed with Morty’s — their frozen mezcal drink, the Sombrosa, is like an instant happy pill.


What is your go-to style for summer entertaining?

Unfussy, beachy, a little wild, and undone. Chill, just like summer should be.


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