Postcards From Afar

It’s officially cold outside, so we’re fighting the chill and feeling inspired by warmer, faraway places. We asked a few people on our team to share pictures of their recent winter travels. From the façades of Havana to the sights of Southern Spain and the blossoms of Cartagena, we’re feeling transported by the gorgeous colors and incredible light.    



Courtesy of Tim Kitchen, Senior Art Director

“Cartagena celebrates color like no other city I know. You can smell the flowers overflowing from the terraces... and it's heavenly.”




Courtesy of Kathleen Brennan, Head Designer

“Along the Southern coast of Spain, the sky transforms the landscape depending on the time of day. At noon, the clear blue light frames the lush green gardens and limestone formations. In the afternoon, a fiery orange light bathes the white-washed buildings. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been!”




Courtesy of Emma Goetz, Marketing Manager

“Havana is an incredible place. I was so inspired by the vibrant colors everywhere, from the architecture to the old cars. It is such a bright and lively city, even in the face of such adversity.”



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