Flower Power

Photo by Sophie Gamand


Our CEO Janice recently attended an art exhibition and was so excited to share it with me: Flower Power by Sophie Gamand.  Sophie Gamand is an artist with a cause — she photographs shelter dogs (for free) to help them get adopted and raise positive awareness for shelter pets. Flower Power (also known as #PitBullFlowerPower) is a series of shelter pit bulls wearing flower crowns. As she explains, "The idea was to dispel the negative prejudice associated with these dogs, and help them get adopted. I have portrayed almost 400 pit bulls since I started the project 3 years ago — many of them had been waiting over 2 years in shelters. I'm proud to say it's been hugely successful, getting tons of dogs adopted, giving them their dignity back, and changing minds around the world."

"It is important to me to marry my art with awareness, and keep teaching people about these important issues. I think art should always serve a purpose and I am grateful to be in a position where I can make a living with my art while educating and spreading important messages of compassion."

Sophie's prints are available for purchase — Janice gave her husband a print for Father's Day, as they have a shared affinity for pit bulls, having recently adopted one themselves — and I'm excited about the Sophie's Flower Power activity book (to keep the children entertained in the car on trips out to Shelter Island).

— Rebecca


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