spring edition


Rebecca muses about our newest blues, which mix a touch of ‘80s nostalgia with femme accents and a little rock ‘n’ roll cool.

Acid Trip

“The acid wash is our ‘80s rocker chick kind of moment. A little dash of Debbie Harry or Joan Jett, but with a modern twist. There’s always a lot of sweetness and frills in the collection, so I find that throwing in something a bit unexpected, even shocking, surprises your eye and makes everything else you wear look that much cooler.”

“It’s just really good to have a few pieces like that to throw off the sweetness. They’re a real refresher. It really takes everything you have to a different place.”


The Dream Jean

“Right now I’m completely obsessed with our new Tapered Jean. It’s very high-rise, loose though the thigh and then slim at the ankle. We were inspired by a late ‘80s, early ‘90s pair we found, but I tell people, don’t be put off by the vintage vibe, because it really works for so many body types. It makes your waist look small, it’s very smoothing and it’s not tight on your butt so it’s really nice for curvier girls. Because I’m straighter, it helps give me that defined shape I like. Plus, you don’t have to pack yourself into them. Who wants to feel like a sausage all day?”

“I always want to make our denim exciting and compelling and fresh. To give me that feeling when my heart races a bit and I just fall in love.”


Trés Belle

“We’re always experimenting with different techniques—embroideries, painting and playing with scale. A lot of it doesn’t work, but sometimes, we hit a sweet spot! Such was the case with our Belle Bouquet pieces, which were modeled after a little piece of very old, hand-painted French wallpaper. We reworked it, printed it onto denim and then overdyed it for a gorgeous, antique-esque color. I love that mix of something tough and something pretty.” -Rebecca