When in Paris: Behind the Scenes with Our Hairstylist

Surfer/model Annely on set in our Cheetah Faux Fur Coat and Pleated Silk Top.


To help bring our holiday campaign to life, we worked with Paris-based hairstylist Vi Sapyyapy to capture an effortless French-girl vibe. Below, she shares her secret to achieving that certain je ne sais quoi.


Vi starts by paying close attention to the model’s personality. Her aim, she explains, is to emphasize the spontaneous, natural beauty of each model, bringing forward their individual charms.


Our campaign model Annely is an avid surfer, so Vi channeled her sporty attitude by tousling her hair with just a bit of water, adding Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray for extra texture.

Discover all her looks from the campaign here.

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