At Home: Akili King

Akili King

New York City


How are you staying busy during your time at home? 

I've been doing a lot of yoga, praying, meditating, knitting, DJing, and baking. I've also been looking into different charities to donate to during this time. I hate feeling helpless. I have also been spending a lot of time with family as I don't typically get to do that when I'm in NYC! So I'm very grateful to be with them during this time. 


Are you sticking to a routine, or just taking each day as it comes? 

I have things that I make sure I try to get done each day, but I don't necessarily give myself a time frame as I don't want to add any extra stress or anxiety to my plate during this time. But giving myself little tasks like "today is a yoga day" or "today is a journaling day" or a “FaceTiming-with-friends day,” etcetera, etcetera, has been a nice way to feel productive without it feeling stressful. I try to keep my weekends open to rest and recharge as well. 


Anything new you’re working on that you don’t normally have time for? 

Knitting! I used to knit when I was a little kid and it's nice to have time for it again — it's a very mindless activity. I've also been practicing DJing on vinyl and brushing up my CDJ skills as well. I typically don't have time or access to vinyl equipment, so it's been really cool to try and challenge my brain and ear in this way. My dad is a DJ too, so it's been a great way for us to bond. 


How are you approaching getting dressed for staying at home? 

Comfort and color! I'm home, so of course I want to just feel comfortable and at ease. But pops of color or matching sets give me a boost of joy which is a very welcome feeling during this time. I think what gives me the most confidence and joy is also nourishing my curls right now. My hair is like the cherry on top to my look and overall mood, I'm realizing.


What’s the first thing you want to do once it’s safe to be out? 

I want to squeeze all of my friends and family that I haven't gotten to see and tell them how much I love and value them face to face. I want to get a massage, too! 


What are you looking forward to wearing most once the weather warms up and we can enjoy the outdoors? 

Dresses definitely! I love dresses because they're pretty and comfortable and don't make me feel too restricted. I love a good summer dress. 


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