A Plastic-Free Life


At Rebecca Taylor, we celebrate the efforts of women making positive change in the world. Our Spring campaign model, Julia Banas, has embraced a lifestyle free of plastic waste. Below, she inspires us to make a difference and explains how little changes can make a lasting impact on the environment.


What inspired your interest in this cause?

My inspiration comes from the place where I grew up and my family. I am from a small village in Poland, surrounded by nature. My sister is a biomaterial designer and she is my everyday hero with all her ideas about how to change the world.


How has your lifestyle changed?

I cook more at home and I am more conscious about what is happening around me, which changes my attitude. I am not afraid to ask about a glass of water at a coffee place instead of buying a plastic bottle or to say I don't need a straw for my drink. It actually makes me meet new people all the time as they ask question - why? I haven't thrown away a single piece of clothing in two years – I either sell things to vintage stores, give it to a charity or share my wardrobe with my friends!


What do you do to reduce waste on a daily basis?

I use my reusable bottle, carry around a reusable cup and always shop with my own bag. I’ve changed many everyday products like cosmetics and kitchen/bathroom items to more sustainable ones.


What steps can others take to lessen their environmental impact?

Take baby steps. No one changed their lifestyle in one day. It's hard, but it's also fun and it’s for a good cause. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Instead of throwing an old sweater away, give it to charity. Instead of buying plastic bottles every day, find a reusable one that you carry with you all the time. Think twice before buying things - do you really need it? Relax and eat in at restaurants instead of getting take-out. Need to have coffee to go? That’s perfect with your own cup! Reduce eating meat and dairy products. And just think how much better your life will be if you start today!

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