French Chic


We had the good fortune to meet Eloise at one of our castings and were enamored with her sweetness and how natural she looked in our La Vie jeans: a perfect fit, as it were. We asked some questions to get to the heart of this true French girl's "je ne sais quoi"...


How would you describe your style?

I like to wear "cool clothes", it has to be comfortable, with nice fabrics. So elegant but cool.


Do you have a style icon?

My style icon is probably a mix between the elegance of Romy Schneider and the boy/rock style of Patti Smith.


What do you love about the Anais jean?

I like the high rise cut of this jean, and I love the association with different denim (the patch on the legs).


Main difference between Paris and New York and what do you love most about each city?

The history is the main difference. What I love about New York is the energy, it's definitely the best here! You can always find something to do, to see, to enjoy. About Paris, it's different because Paris is home for me. I'll say that Paris is surprising. Everything is beautiful, this city is like a living museum, I love that.


Favorite French word or expression, and what it means:

"Haut les cœurs", which means: be courageous, stay happy.


Favorite English word or expression: 

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" (Oscar Wilde)


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