# DenimDiaries

Rebecca talks jeans,
from her earliest denim memories to her
first pair of Jordache to how La Vie denim
has changed her life.

Q: Any early denim stories?

RT: Growing up mum made all of our jeans.
I don’t even think I owned a pair of
store-bought denim until I was about 13.
There’s a great picture of us wearing the
denim flares she made, the 70s blazers
with the big lapels.

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"We used to have friends
bring us back Jordache
from America. They
were so tight we had to
lay down, and dad
would get us a wrench
to pull the zip up."

Q: Cut is so important to you—can you talk
about that?

RT: The fits in our denim have changed my life. They’ve
changed the way I dress, the way I view my body.
I think that’s why our jeans really fit well, because I
test-drive them, and I’m fastidious about fitting actual

Right now we’re having a little waist moment. High-waisted
jeans...tucked in at the top. It’s all about that shape.
Girls today are a lot more comfortable with their curves
and I love celebrating that.

Denim and Derrieres

La Vie campaign

Kava Gorna’s book
about denim and

La Vie Drapey Jean
Paint Splattered Jeans

"I love our paint splatter
jeans because they
remind me of the pair I
wore painting my first
apartment. I got pink
paint all over my pants,
but it was wonderful."

Q: Did you have any important denim
style moments?

RT: Who was that girl, Lori Singer?
From Footloose? When I was fifteen I was obsessed:
cowboy boots, the camisole, I did the whole thing.
She looked amazing.

Lori Singer From Footloose
La Vie Beatrice Jean A Denim Jacket and Mickey Mouse Tee.

Vintage Rebecca:
a denim jacket and
Mickey Mouse tee.

"We did this white denim jean with an
eyelet at the ankle. It’s classic, but then we added
something fresh and unexpected."

Bird Patched Denim

"The bird patched denim
was based on this great
vintage print. It’s just fun.
Everyone’s got a pair of
jeans, but I like adding
that flair."

Q: What inspired the embroidered denim?

RT: I love the idea of DIY-ing jeans and making
them your own. Denim is such a utilitarian thing, but then,
it’s what you do with it that makes it unique and shows
your personality. It’s just fun. Everyone’s got a pair of
jeans, but I like adding that flair.

Bird Patched Denim