Curated by Rebecca

Rebecca talks about what inspired the latest collection,
from blush tones to statement blossoms.

Awash In Pink

"Pink has always been my favorite color. For winter we explored lots
of variations on the shade and new textures—faux fur, silk clip, velvet—
that can be layered together."

Winter Roses

"The power of flowers to cheer you up on a cold day can't be underestimated.
I gave this season's florals a lot of depth, like 3D embellishments
and a rose print with a gradient effect."

City Lights

"I love looking at the NYC skies at night. That sparkle
is mesmerizing— especially during the holidays—so I infused
the collection with a lot of shine."

Holiday 2016 Sketches
Holiday 2016

Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles

"Some are statement-making, others are more subtle, like a little
ruffle-knit collar on a wool jumper."