Curated By Rebecca

by Rebecca

Journey through La Vie Spring 2017 with Rebecca, from the inspiration behind the campaign to her very personal connection with the collection.

My Sister and I in New Zealand
My sister,
Victoria and me
in New Zealand
A Free Spirit

A Free Spirit

“There’s a feeling of freedom I associate with those clothes. Growing up in New
Zealand, my mum dressed me in lots of broderie anglaise and pintucks.
They weren’t precious—there was a sense of ease and adventure that’s very
much reflected in Spring.”

A Breath of Fresh Air A Breath of Fresh Air Text

A Breath of Fresh Air

“The season has a very fresh, magical, light-filled look that I love.
There’s color but it’s sun filtered. Everything is a little imperfect. We
worked hard to capture that quality in every single piece.”

Model Photos Cats
Model Zuzu Poses with Daughter
Our model, Zuzu,
poses with
my daughter Zoe.

Capturing the Light

“The collection is very personal to me, so we were very thoughtful about
making sure everything about the campaign had the same lens. The loft
we chose was flooded with light. Our model has this natural beauty that
suited the clothes so well. It was a lovely day!”

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